Doctor Wireless - The Digital Home Company™ is a residential and small business Wireless Network Solutions Provider, setup specifically to offer advanced multimedia solutions for modern living. We specialize in intelligent home technologies and wireless solutions for the digital home/office.

The company was founded by wireless networking experts and A/V fans on the premise of digital convergence of three technologies: A/V home entertainment, broadband access and wireless computing. The digital home is a single networking environment that allows a household to control and share entertainment, communications, and other applications.

Doctor Wireless solutions include the design and installation of smart home solutions enhancing the digital home experience. Our products and services portfolio includes systems for wireless computing, digital home theatre and entertainment, Internet telephony, and wireless networking consulting.

The company is privately held and is based in Long Island, New York serving the greater New York metropolitan area.


"Two things set us apart from the competition: we are experts in what we do, and we provide unparalleled customer service focusing around you."

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